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Highlights of Biden-Lopez Obrador Talks: Economic Integration, Security, and Climate Action

  • November 18th, 2023

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in San Francisco, reaffirming their commitment to a strategic partnership encompassing national security, economic competitiveness, climate change, and migration management.

The leaders addressed the fentanyl and synthetic opioid crisis, with President Biden commending President López Obrador's commitment to tackling the issue domestically and through international collaborations. They explored enhanced law enforcement cooperation to combat illicit activities such as human trafficking, drug trafficking, and arms trade, focusing on dismantling transnational criminal organizations.

Acknowledging the shared goal of making North America the most dynamic and prosperous region globally, President Biden thanked President López Obrador for Mexico's participation in the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity. The leaders discussed leveraging opportunities presented by global supply chain shifts, clean energy technologies, and artificial intelligence advancements to create jobs and combat the climate crisis.

Highlighting Mexico as the United States' largest trading partner, the leaders emphasized the significance of economic integration, secure supply chains, and regulatory alignment. Cooperation in information and communication technologies and semiconductor sectors aims to maximize economic opportunities for both nations.

President Biden recognized the essential partnership with Mexico in managing unprecedented migration levels across the Western Hemisphere. They discussed enforcement efforts, acknowledging Mexico's effective containment operations and joint repatriation initiatives. The leaders urged regional collaboration to manage migration humanely and address activities facilitating irregular migration for profit, including potential penalties within legal frameworks.

The commitment to address root causes of migration was emphasized, with concern expressed about undermining electoral processes in Guatemala. Joint efforts to expand lawful pathways for migration included the humanitarian parole process and the Safe Mobility Office Initiative, leading to a significant reduction in irregular migration. Both leaders pledged to sustain and expand cooperation in managing migration in the Western Hemisphere, aligning with the Los Angeles Declaration on Migration and Protection.

In conclusion, the two Presidents committed to continued collaboration to capitalize on economic opportunities and address global challenges, particularly in fentanyl control and migration management, reflecting their shared stake in each other's prosperity and security.

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