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Client Use Policies

Terms of Use Policies


These CRWE Press Release (CRWEPressRelease.com) Terms of Service are an integral part of our services. In the event of a conflict, these Terms of Service shall govern.

1) Authentication: CRWEPressRelease.com will not activate accounts utilizing a free email service as their primary email address for the account (e.g. Yahoo, Hotmail, G-mail, Excite, Lycos, etc.). CRWEPressRelease.com will independently verify the information submitted on the CRWEPressRelease.com registration application, including company address, phone number(s) and email to ensure that Clients have provided valid account information. For security purposes, CRWEPressRelease.com may require that the Client provide additional documentation to facilitate account authentication.

2) Users: Client’s Company and/or Business can only publish information (announcements, products and services) related to its company as registered with CRWEPressRelease.com. You are not allowed to publish information for a different company. It should be noted that CRWEPressRelease.com has the rights to reject the information submitted if there is 3rd party information involved. All Press Releases are to be submitted for review at least 24 hours before being published.

3) CRWEPressRelease.com is a Press Release Distribution Services company, not a blog. Therefore, content from one press release to another press release with a different headline is not acceptable.

4) Press releases must be provided to CRWEPressRelease.com entirely in English with no grammatical or spelling errors. CRWEPressRelease.com editorial staff reviews all press releases before distribution; however, Client remains responsible for the Client Material ssubmitted to CRWEPressRelease.com for distribution, including any errors.

5) In reference to the Unlimited Press Release service, If your company is about marketing various services and would like to advertise a 3rd party information, the 3rd party would need to approve it, as well as also paid $1,000 for unlimited press releases since it's not the original client’s account.

6) It should also be noted that a full refund will not be given after publishing your first announcement, products or services press release. (None the less, you will receive a refund discounted at a rate of $40 per press release published until a cancellation notification by the company has been received until two months has passed which at that time; the client is not eligible for a refund at all.

7) Unsuitable Client Materials. CRWEPressRelease.com may reject any Client Materials, or require changes to them, if CRWEPressRelease.com determines, in its sole discretion, that the Client Materials are unsuitable.Unsuitable Client Materials ("Unsuitable Client Materials") may include, but are not limited to, material which contains sexually explicit materials, promotes violence or illegal activities or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age, or violates the intellectual propertyrights of any person or entity. In addition, CRWEPressRelease.com will reject any Client Materials that promote stock picks, streaming video sites, online pharmaceuticals, or online gambling.

8) Changes/Repush Requests. If a Client asks CRWEPressRelease.com to make a material change to a release that has already been distributed, CRWEPressRelease.com will require the change to be issued as a correction or republish, as appropriate, to all distribution channels which were sent the original release. CRWEPressRelease.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether the requested change is material or immaterial.

9) Bulk Releases. In reference to the Unlimited Press Release service, CRWEPressRelease.com reserves the right to refuse to perform bulk volume press release distribution during a particular time period on the same day. In addition, CRWEPressRelease.com will not distribute releases which contain the same headline and/or similar content that is from the same source company within the same day or within a reasonable period of days after the initial distribution of the release, if it appears, in CRWEPressRelease.com discretion, that the subsequent press releases appear to be part of a bulk or volume distribution. CRWEPressRelease.com reserves the right to impose a maximum number of releases distributed by a Client in a given week or month if the releases in questions appear to be part of a bulk of volume distribution.


a) Contact Information. All press release Client Materials must contain a contact person or company name and phone number or email indicating the appropriate source of the Client Materials. The source must be someone who is authorized to send releases on behalf of the company in question. The source lends legitimacy to the Client Materials by clearly denoting who is responsible for the Client Materials.The release is being distributed through an agency or other company on behalf of a Client, the news source will be the Client name, and the agent should identify how it is connected to the news source, or Client.

b) Newsworthy. The press release must be newsworthy, and the news announcement must be clearly stated in the headline.

c) Ticker Symbols. All ticker symbols included in any Client Materials for distribution must be for companies that have a direct role or participation in the news being announced (i.e. no "ticker spam"). Even if a ticker symbol is for a company that has a direct role or participation in the news, CRWEPressRelease.com may require removal of a ticker symbol if it cannot be verified that the Client has permission from the company whose ticker symbol is being used. Client may not include ticker symbols from Client'scompetitors or from any other third parties unless Client provides written permission to CRWEPressRelease.com in advance of submission of the release. In no case may more than four (4) ticker symbols be used in a given release.

d) Lawsuits. Releases relating to lawsuits must be newsworthy. To qualify as "newsworthy", the lawsuit must actually have been filed. A Client may have to provide documentation of the filing or direct CRWEPressRelease.com to such documentation. CRWEPressRelease.com will not distribute repetitive instances of essentially the same release. At its sole discretion, CRWEPressRelease.com will only distribute more than one release on the same lawsuit if there has been a meaningful development that is deemed newsworthy. In addition, Client may only mention one lawsuit per release. It is strongly recommended that the Client use the name of the company (ie) involved in the litigation in the headline.

e) Distribution Time. CRWEPressRelease.com will make every effort to ensure that releases are distributed according to the release times requested by Clients. Under certain circumstances, specifically for releases submitted in foreign languages and for releases that contain numerous tables, Clients should be aware thatformatting can take longer than normal. If these releases are sent in without adequate lead time, then theremay be delays while the release is being processed. 

f) Corrections. CRWEPressRelease.com will charge Client a processing fee for each release that needs to be re-distributed as a result of material or non-material changes to the content of the release. Additional charges may apply if the re-distributed release requires translation and/or international retransmission of the corrected release.